I really enjoy massages and I always look forward to having them done by Victoria. Victoria is very knowledgeable about the human body and she provides a clean peaceful environment during each session. I have had massages in the past from others and found Victoria to be the most experienced. I personally have had sleepless nights and Victoria has helped me be able to sleep using a technique called TKM. She is professionally trained and I highly recommend her to anyone who has pain, discomfort or just looking to relax.

From Carol

As a result of a major accident that I had, I was looking for a massage therapist that can do medical/therapeutic massage, and I am SO thankful that I’ve found her. Victoria is very kind, caring, sweet, understanding and knowledgeable at what she does.

Every time after massage session with her, I feel like I made one more step towards my recovery.

Victoria, THANK YOU!!!

From Olga V (Yelp.com)

Victoria is wonderful. She has been treating our infant with Onnetsu since she was only weeks old & the results are amazing. Our now 6 month old was very colicky & Victoria helped tremendously with treatment and diet tips for breast feeding. She has also treated our 3 yr old & us. She was so aware of any issues our kids had that she helped treat them before they worsened like colds, ear infections, travel issues, constipation, etc. She is gifted with the magic touch of healing.

From H C (Yelp.com)

Victoria is AMAZING! She came highly recommended by our holistic pediatrician who shares an office with her for the treatment of baby colic like symptoms. Our daughter would wake up numerous times a night, itching and in pain and had dry scaly skin. After only a few treatments with Victoria, she is sleeping better, rarely ever itches and has very soft, smooth skin!

Additionally, Victoria is very sweet and kind and with kids of her own, very motherly!

Can’t recommend her highly enough!

From Kamran K. (Yelp.com)

I have been trying different massage areas for some time and when my family found victoria, the search was over. Victoria first and foremost an amazing massage therapist . She listens to what the client needs in regards to strength and where they may be more sore. She uses so many different techniques and is so aware of the body and the best way to treat it. Victoria is also an amazing person. She always comes with a smile and builds a relationship with her clients. My family loves victoria and we all get massages from her ever week. My parents have had back problems and body aches for such a long time and Victoria has made them go away. She is truly amazing.

From Emily R. (Yelp.com)

I have been receiving care by  Victoria over four years. She stays current with so any techniques, whether its lymphatic, cranial, Rolfing, deep tissue or stretches, I don’t need to go anywhere else to get therapy. For the last few years, she has acquired the Kings Institute (TKM) technique to her healing portfolio, if you are squeamish about needles and accupuncture, TKM will surely relieve your anxiety and restore your mind, soul, and spirit to a peaceful state. In addition to her professional knowledge, her kind soul in nurturing her patients towards a healthier being is beyond reproach. I can’t wait for her new additions in the future such as infra-red and other healing modalities. Thank you so much Victoria for taking such great care of our family words cannot express my full appreciation for what you do.

Lauren R. (Yelp.com)

Victoria has helped our entire family, Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother.  Victoria not only gives a good massage to help decrease your pain and improve your health but she has a genuine, caring and positive energy that comes out in her work.  TKM has ben the most beneficial therapy that Victoria has helped our family de-stress, decrease pain and helped with our general well being.

From Michael O. (Yelp.com)

Victoria is phenomenal! It is rare to find a holistic practitioner with training in different techniques especially The King Institute Method (TKM). I believe she is the only one in California who is a TKM expert that has helped my daughter’s lymphatic and digestive system, better yet her entire immune system to continue to strive towards optimal health in conjunction with conscious eating, living and chiropractic care! What I love best about her is that she has an extraordinary touch, technique and giving heart that put babies and children at ease. I, not only have seen this first hand with my 6-year-old daughter but with also newborns, toddlers, adults and geriatrics every time I scheduled an appointment for my daughter to be treated. Every person that I have seen left her office a thousand times happier and healthier. Even my daughter feels excellent after every treatment and thanks Victoria repeatedly for her services. I am thankful to meet Victoria and very appreciative of having her locally in the area with her expertise. I highly recommend everyone especially parents with children who are seeking a holistic practitioner/massage therapist to help you with your health concerns and goals. What is awesome about her location is she is with my holistic pediatrician. She communicates with my pediatrician on any concerns they both could help jointly in providing optimal care for my daughter. Thank you Victoria, you are the best!

From Paris H (Yelp.com)

Victoria is the best massage therapist I’ve ever encountered.  She has a holistic background, gives an excellent massage, has other body-work healing techniques in addition to massage, and is a true healer.  And even more than that, she is the most loving and nurturing person; just being in her presence makes you feel pampered and cared for.  You will truly enjoy your experience with Victoria from beginning to end.  She is a gem!

From Nancy M (Yelp.com)

Usually my massage experiences have been very unpleasant in the past, with the massage being ineffective or downright painful. With Victoria, it is a whole new experience. It was relaxing, pleasant and it helped me relieve my lower back pain. Since then, I have recommended Victoria to all my friends that are in need of a great massage therapist.

From George

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You are always so caring, kind and gentle. You light up the room with your smile and we appreciate all you do. You are changing lives with your talent. Thank you!

From Jim

Your tender treatments eased the ache in my body, mind and spirit. God bless you in your work and also in your life.

From Grace

Your genuine love and caring makes your massages so much more therapeutic and healing than any other massage I have had.

From Rhonda

Thank you for being such a sweet person and always making me feel better

From Farah

What a joy it has been for us to get to know you. You are a wonderful, cool and a loving warm person. Thanking God for all your special blessings. Lord bless!

From Bell and Caro

Thank you for being such a sweetheart and caring person with your patients. God bless you and hope to see you again

From Sabina and Family